Sunday, December 7, 2008

Bonta-Nature-Gram #32: view from porch

The visiting shoveller, an apparition in green, chestnut, and white, with his neck extended he shovels his way in circles around the lake.

Pam Croom © 2008


Appalachian Lady said...

Pam--thanks for commenting on my blue mold post. You were absolutely right about your id.

me ann my camera said...

I only see Shovelers in the spring when they are passing through my region during migration. They are such interesting ducks with their big bills.

Pam Croom said...

Ann- they are interesting and gorgeous! I wish I could have taken a picture of him! They are unusual for our little lake, but common at this time of year for the region. Most bird guides don't show them for N Alabama or many of the water fowl winter residents here. This isn't their natural wintering grounds. The damming of the Tennessee has attracted waterfowl. Lake Wheeler has a wildlife reserve and the surrounding farmland the reserve owns is rented out to farmers. Part of the deal is that the farmers must leave a portion of the crops on the ground for the ducks and geese. In the winter some of the crop land is then flooded for the birds. The Lake Wheeler has also attracted sandhill cranes.

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